How To Talk To A Girl At Party

How To Talk To A Girl At Party

Having A Good Conversation

Actively listen to her. Instead of just waiting for your turn to talk, make it a point to listen to what they have to say. This will give you more things to talk about and the girl will

appreciate that you're paying attention to what she has to say.[5]

For example, if she's says something like "English class is so boring," you can say something like "But what makes English boring for you?"
Or, if she's talking about a show you can say something like, "Yeah, Piper is so self-centered. She tries to come off as moral, but she's really just selfish."

Avoid uncomfortable topics. Avoid talking about heavy politics like religion, race, gender issues, or politics. These conversations can be highly polarizing and may turn off the

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girl completely. Instead, keep the conversation light and on more innocuous topics.[6]

Be funny and try to make her smile. Being witty and funny will make girls appreciate your company and will put them at ease. Point out funny contradictions and make

respectful jokes relating to the topics that you're talking about.[7]
If you're not a naturally funny person and can't think of funny things to say, stay polite and positive instead.

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You could say something like "Why do you think that beer always comes in red cups? Why not clear cups? Or blue cups?"

Ask for her contact information. If the conversation went well and you want to continue to talk to them, make sure to ask for their contact information before you part ways. "Well

I'm glad I met you. I'm about to dip. You think I could get your number before I go so we can chat some other time?"[8]

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You could also say something like "I really enjoyed talking to you tonight. Can I text you later?"
You could also say something like "Are you on Facebook? I’ll add you and maybe we can message each other some time.”
Phone numbers aren't a big deal, so don't overthink the situation.

Stand up straight and keep your head up. Standing straight with your head up is confident body language. Keep your body open by not crossing your arms and smile at people

who make eye contact with you. This will make you look more welcoming, and will increase the chance that girls will want to talk to you.[11

Introduce yourself to a lot of girls. The more that you interact with girls at parties, the more natural it will feel. Also, you'll be able to get information on what works and what

doesn't for you. Trying to talk to a lot of girls will also lessen the negative feelings you might have from someone not being interested.[12]
Don't dwell on bad conversations, just try to meet new girls.
Make negative situations a learning experience.